10 Tips to Safely Decorate Your Home with Holiday Lights

There is nothing more warm and inviting during the holiday time than having lights on the outside of a home. However, there are many accidents that can happen when hanging outdoor holiday lights. By following these decorating tips, it will help to ensure a safe and happy holiday season. 

  1. Even before beginning to hang the outdoor lights, plug them in to make sure that they work and that the wires are not frayed. Also make sure that all the lights being used to decorate the outside the home are lights specific for outdoor use.
  2. It is important to follow the manufactures instructions listed on the lights. Only string the allotted amount of lights together.
  3. When getting ready to climb to hang the lights on the house, beware of the location of all overhead power lines. It is recommended that a distance of ten feet away from power lines should be maintained at all times. Also instead of using an unstable ladder, consider manlift rentals or rent a cherry picker to further ensure the safety of anyone climbing to hang lights.
  4. To hang lights on the top of outdoor trees, consider manlift rentals or rent a cherry picker to safely get to the top. Also take note if any branches are near power lines. A branch can be energized quickly if it touches a power line.
  5. Turning lights off when no one is home or have gone to bed is one of those easy holiday decorating tips that is easily forgotten. Putting the lights on timers is a good idea.
  6. Metal can become electrically charged from the lights. Make sure that lights are not on any surfaces that contain metal. This could shock someone if touched.
  7. Wind damage can occur during a bad winter storm. To protect both the lights and the property from wind damage, secure all lights and decorations.
  8. Do not use nails or basic staples to attach the lights. Instead use outdoor hooks or insulated staples.
  9. It is important to plug all light strings into a protected ground fault circuits.
  10. Remove all lights within 90 days. 

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