3 Reasons to Host a Thanksgiving or Holiday Party Outside

holiday party
Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner outdoors is a great way to do something unique for the holiday. When Thanksgiving is mentioned, most people will automatically picture a table in the dining room, cluttered with mounds of heaping plates of food. This is a traditional Thanksgiving vision. Having the dinner outdoors can open up the senses to a whole new realm of traditions. Here are 3 BIG reasons why having the dinner outdoors would be a great idea:

1. Spacious Room for All Guests

One of the main reasons to hold a dinner outdoors is to have more room for the guests to move around. Sometimes in an indoor environment, the space can be restrictive. Outdoors parties allow the guests to move around with ease, without tripping over furniture or feeling like they are smothered. This is one of the major holiday party tips that people seem to forget about when planning a party. Outdoors parties are not just limited to the summertime!  Rent a Tent, Heater Tables and Chairs, linen and all the dinnerware you need. 

2. Memorable Atmosphere

Having a party outdoors has an entirely different atmosphere than one being held indoors. The party will feel more alive outdoors, and not inside someone’s home where people are afraid to touch anything or move around too much in fear of breaking something or going in a spot that is considered off-limits in the home. Outdoors will give more freedom for the guests. They will feel better about being about to talk among themselves without having everyone overhear conversations because of small rooms. Rent a bar, sound system for music and don’t forget lighting when your dinner flows into the evening.

3. The More the Merrier

More people can come to a party outdoors than one inside. With the help of a company that handles holiday party rental supplies, and some holiday party tips about how to order where the best deal could be obtained, a party outdoors could be rather large. Sometimes renting bigger packages will give a better deal. Multiple tables could be set up outdoors and with the help of tent rentals, everything would be kept out of the sun. Tent rentals are a great way to showcase the event, making it feel a little more like an event than a cookout. Making sure to check out what types of holiday party rental supplies are available to help decorate the area can make it feel like Thanksgiving. Autumn-colored table clothes and place settings could be used to decorate. With more guests, the colors can be alternated from place setting to place setting. The possibilities are endless.

Contact Gaston Rentals in Gastonia, Hickory, Shelby and Mooresville if you’d like to consider renting a party tent for an outdoor Thanksgiving or Holiday party. We’ll make sure your guests are comfortable while enjoying a relaxing day or night out of the house for an all new experience. Your outdoor Holiday party will be one they won’t forget!