3 Professional Steps to Safely Manage a Flooded Basement

Step One

Faced with a flood situation in your home or your basement, you should first rush to rescue all your valuable that you can. Then, you can turn your focus on stopping the source of the flood, if possible. Or you can call a plumbing service professional and your local city/town utilities department as it may be something more serious, which may be outside of your home and your control.

You can begin by starting to pump out the water with one or more of a variety of pumps that can be rented. The number and kind of pumps depends on the circumstances, such as: how much water there is, how quickly you need to pump it out, how much debris is in the area, and what kind of debris is floating in the water.

Safety Tip: Electrical Shock – When your basement is wet, there is a legitimate risk of electrical shock. If you are positive that you can safely do so, turn off your home’s power at the main breaker switches.

Safety Tip: Gas leaks – Protect yourself against gas leaks. If you smell gas, leave the house right away and then contact your utility immediately.

If the flood was caused by a clogged drain, several different kinds of drain cleaners can be rented to do the job quickly, safely and easily so as to prevent the water from backing up again.

Contact our tool rental store for the right pump for the job and more recommendations to help combat the flooded area.

Step Two

If there is no electricity, rent a generator to provide the power you’ll need for equipment and lighting. Lights on stands can also be rented if they are needed for better working conditions at the flood site.

Once the pumps have done their job, you need to remove the water that has soaked the carpets and their padding. Several different types of powerful vacuums and floor dryer/blowers are available to remove the water that the pumps may have missed.

Often a steam carpet cleaner works best because they are designed to dry carpets.

Once the carpets have been cleaned and majority of the sitting water has been removed, we recommend you buy or rent a dehumidifier. Dehumidifier’s help get rid of the many gallons of water that are still hiding in the carpeting and the walls. You will be amazed at the amount of water caught by the dehumidifier, in just a few short hours even. Keep the dehumidifiers running for a couple days and you will gradually see the water levels reduce over time. You can even run 2 or 3 if the flood site was large and to also speed up the drying process.

Step Three

While the dehumidifiers are running, we recommend running a heater simultaneously. You may use kerosene, propane or electric heaters to help raise the temperature of the air and create an atmosphere that will make a dehumidifier work more effectively and faster.

If the flooring is damaged our local rental store has tools to remove carpet, tile and wood flooring. We hope your home or basement doesn’t have this type of severe damage, but if you do, Gaston Rentals will be here to help you get back to normal with all of our home equipment rental tools and supplies. Please contact us if you have any issues and we will be happy to help.