4 Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Landscape this Spring Using Our Hickory Rental Equipment

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a major lawn upgrade. There are plenty of affordable ways to make your garden, landscape, and outdoor property look stunning this spring and beyond. To make things even cheaper, you can rent any gardening or landscaping equipment you need. Read on to get some affordable landscaping ideas you can tackle this spring.  

Add Perennial Plants

Perennials are plants which come back every year, making them very cost-effective in the long term. They also often require less maintenance than other plants, and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some popular perennials include catmint, saffron, daisies, sage, lavender, and agave.  

Plant Native Species

Native plants have acclimated to the local climate, which means that they are more resistant to local pests, and will require less maintenance. To learn what plants are native to your area, check with a local nursery or do some research online. While you’re making your decisions, keep in mind your soil conditions and the position of your lawn as it faces the sun. The more your plants thrive, the less maintenance you have to worry about (and pay for).

Add Stepping Stones

A small pathway made of stepping stones can add a lovely and delicate touch to an otherwise all-green lawn. However, this can be a labor-intensive task, so keep that in mind when you’re selecting your stones. If you are planning to install the stones yourself, you will probably want to avoid massive pieces of slate too heavy to lift, unless you will be working with a partner.

Add Rocks and Pebbles

If your lawn is consistently patchy in certain areas, and can’t seem to be fixed via reseeding, you can create a nice area of pebbles, mulch, or rocks, then add shrubs and other plants to make it look more natural. Having these nice spaces can break up the look of an all-green lawn and add to your property’s curb appeal.

Get Everything You Need from our Lake Norman Rental Equipment Company

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