4 Quick DIY Ways to Create Mulch for Your Garden

Mulch is extremely beneficial for any garden or yard. It reduces the rate of water evaporation, slows the growth of weeds, improves the quality of the soil and makes yards look more attractive.

The only drawback of mulch is that it can be expensive to buy, especially if a lot of mulch is required. By renting a wood chipper from an equipment rental company and using it to create mulch, money will be saved and the garden and yard will benefit. These four simple ways will help those who want to make their own mulch quickly be able to do so.

1. Use Yard Debris to Make Mulch

Making mulch will help to recycle yard debris into a useful product. Tree clippings and broken branches can be used to create wood mulch. There are several sizes of wood chippers that are available for rent. Smaller chippers can generally be used for branches up to three inches in diameter while larger wood chipper rentals can be used for branches up to nine inches. Branches larger than this needs to be split first.

Wood should be placed into the chipper, where it is passed through and then thrown out of the hopper on the opposite side, ready to be spread in a yard as mulch.

2. Double or Triple Grind Mulch for Finer Pieces

In the store, there are types of mulch available that are labeled “double-ground” or “triple-ground.” These types of mulch can be easily made by renting a wood chipper, passing the wood debris through the chipper and then gathering it and passing it through the chipper a second or third time. Doing so will result in a finer mulch and money saved on the store-bought product.

3. Improve the Smell of the Mulch and the Garden

Once the wood has been chipped, cedar chips can be purchased and mixed in with the chipped mulch. This will improve the smell of the mulch and make the garden and yard more aromatic.

4. Let the Mulch Break Down to Improve Soil Quality

When mulch is allowed to be composted, it breaks down and gives vital nutrients to the soil and plants. This is simply done by mixing the chipped wood with leaves and grass clippings. Once mixed, the mulch should be allowed to sit under a black plastic covering until it has turned dark in color. Once it has darkened, the mulch is ready to apply to the yard.

Making mulch is simple and cost-effective with a good wood chipper. Wood chipper rentals are available from an equipment rental company, who will be able to help customers determine the proper size that is needed for the yard debris.