4 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Event

Are you charged with planning a big event but you aren’t sure where to begin? It’s easy to rent party supplies in Gastonia but picking right spot is tricky. The location can make or break the success of your event so here are four tips to help you find that perfect venue:

1. Considerations:

  • Itemize requirements: include the number of expected guests, entertainment, where to rent party supplies in Gastonia and the type of meal – be sure to specify whether it is formal, casual, or has any special dietary concerns.
  • Capacity: when in doubt, always go larger
  • Flexibility: make sure the venue can accommodate a cash bar, business projector or other custom requests.
  • Parking: it should be free, convenient and safe for your guests.
  • Cancellation and deposit policy: get this in writing.

2. Where to Look:

  • Social Media is an excellent place to jumpstart your search. Try Social Searcher, a customizable search engine that simultaneously pulls from multiple social media platforms.
  • Local listing sites are also great because they provide the nitty gritty of each venue, including photos, maximum capacity and cost.
  • Venue sourcing agencies are a great option when you’re crunched for time but be aware that this convenience comes with a price tag.

3. Price:

Always obtain a written agreement with an itemized invoice. Whether it includes extra staff, Gastonia party rental equipment or a dancing Elvis DJ, if the venue has promised it, make sure you get it in writing.

4. Venue Relationship:

From your very first inquiry, find a venue that is responsive, helpful, professional and knowledgeable.

Whatever event you are planning, we have helpful tips for finding the perfect location, any Gastonia party rental equipment you need and the best venue dream team to make sure everything runs smoothly. Contact us today to learn more!