5 Benefits Air Powered Tools Provide Contractors

Air tools help contractors complete projects more efficiently because the components are lightweight and versatile. A typical contractor needs a nail gun, a sander, a pneumatic wrench, and other key building gadgets. To learn more about air tool rentals, contact the staff at Eagle Rentals. Eagle Rentals is a reputable tool rental company.

Lightweight Benefits

Air tools do not have a large motor, so they are lighter than electric power tools. All air-powered gadgets have a compressor motor that turns electricity into kinetic power.

Although air tools are small, they deliver a lot of torque and power per minute. As a result, busy contractors can complete large projects faster.

Accessory Benefits

Different accessories can be used with commercial air tools to increase productivity. For example, a contractor can attach a chisel to an air hammer.

Nail Gun Benefits

A hammer is a helpful tool, but an air-powered nail gun provides more accurate results. A nail gun is a great investment because it is built to last. Because the material is durable, contractors can complete projects during rainstorms without any risks. Also, if the gun in dropped on a concrete surface, the components will not shatter.

Sander Benefits

Many contractors use an air sander because it uses less energy. Although the device needs electricity, it only uses it while the compressor recharges.

Pneumatic Wrench Benefits

Since a pneumatic wrench operates under intense pressure, it can remove nuts and bolts very quickly. This air tool helps contractors tackle a variety of tasks because it has a regulator that manages air flow.

An air-powered wrench is lightweight and slim. It has a compact size because the power source is built in the air compressor. Thanks to its unique design, contractors experience fewer muscle strains during big projects.

Pneumatic wrenches are very convenient because they only need a cylinder of compressed air. Contractors who use electrical wrenches often delay their projects whenever there is a power outage.

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