5 Items From Our Mooresville Rental Company That Will Put Your Holiday Party Over the Top 

Here at Gaston Rentals, we place a high value on frugality (after all, our entire business is providing rental landscaping tools, event furnishings, and machinery to budget-savvy homeowners.) But there’s one time of the year that we switch over to the motto “Go hard or go home”: Christmas. Yes, if there’s any time to throw an over-the-top, all-out extravaganza that will have people talking for years, it’s this unique time filled with lights, joy, and a little too much eggnog. If you’re planning on throwing a holiday party this year, here are ten things you can pick up from our Mooresville rental company that will make it truly unforgettable. 

A Chocolate Fountain

That’s right. A chocolate fountain. Nothing says Christmas like “chocolate,” and nothing says “over the top” like a chocolate fountain. You can go with classic chocolate; or make things extra-magical by making a white peppermint sauce instead. Just use white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and add liquid mint syrup (commonly added to coffee shop drinks and available at many online retailers.) You could even be extra extra and add green or red food coloring to the concoction—just so that your guests know that, when it comes to Christmas, you don’t mess around. 

A Wedding Arch 

Now, hear us out. Even though no one’s getting married at your party (as far as we know), a wedding arch is still a great way to jazz up your party entrance, that doubles as a great photo opportunity. Wedding arches can be interwoven with Christmas lights, pine boughs, artificial poinsettia leaves, or anything your heart can think of, to make a very Instagrammable display. 

Way Too Many Lights 

Since we are a wedding rental company as well as party rental company, we are in no shortage of lights that can make any venue absolutely magical. We offer café lighting, chandelier lighting, and string lighting, all of which can be strung up in an outdoor tent or indoor venue. (Need an outdoor party tent? We offer those too. As well as dance floors, chairs, tables, tablecloths, and an outdoor heater to keep everyone warm and cozy.) 

A Snow Cone Machine

Snow cone machines, in our opinion, are a perfect on-theme treat for a Christmas party. Plenty of red and green syrup options are available if you’d like to keep everything Christmassy, or you can branch out to blue and purple options. (Side note, if you’re planning on throwing a Frozen-themed party for your little one, a snow cone machine is an absolute must.) 

A Karaoke Machine 

Every year during this special time, every one of us, everywhere, pretends to be Mariah Carey in our car. With a karaoke machine, you and your guests can deliver your performances to an appreciative, slightly eggnog-imbibed audience. The really awesome part about Christmas karaoke is that almost everyone present will be familiar with every single song, having heard it all before many times over. That means that almost every song has the propensity to turn into a crowd singalong, should someone become too nervous or shy. 

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