5 Tips from Gaston Rentals for Planning a Large Party

Planning a big party for many guests can be extremely stressful. There are many things to consider, including food, venue, entertainment, and theme. Here are five tips to help you on your way to planning a successful large party:

1)   Pick a Good Venue
No matter what your party is for – retirement, wedding, family reunion, you name it – it is imperative to find a venue that can accommodate the number of guests that are coming. Venues can be anything from a restaurant to a reception hall to a park, as long as they fit the needs of your party.

2)   Provide Entertainment
Entertainment can come in many shapes and sizes at a party. Depending on the needs of your party and guests, you can provide everything from music on iPod rotation to inflatable rentals to a live band. A company that provides party rentals will come in handy to help you determine what type of entertainment will fit the theme of your party and budget.

3) Dress the Party Up
No party is complete without a theme. Choosing the right one can help bring all aspects of your party together. Whether the theme you choose is simple or extravagant, a company that provides party rentals will help to evoke that theme through the decoration of your venue, entertainment rentals, and most other requests you may have.

4) Focus on the Food
No party is complete without memorable food! If you are going to spend a large amount of your party’s budget on anything, it should be on what you’re putting on your guests’ plates. If you are handling the catering yourself, consider effortless foods that you can prepare a few days in advance to ease the stress of preparing things on the day of the event. At a larger event, consider a cocktail menu, in which guests snack from large plates of appetizers, as opposed to a traditional sit-down meal.

5) Seek the Help of Professionals
Sometimes parties are just too big to handle alone. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional party rental company or planner to help bring together the perfect party. Not only do they have many contacts at their disposal; they take the stress and burden off of you. Nothing beats a party with gadgets, games, and accessories, and a company that deals in party rentals is equipped to provide you with all the right supplies!