5 Tips to Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

Tip One: Begin a Cleanup Immediately

A home with water damage requires repairs right away to prevent additional problems because moisture travels rapidly to lower levels of your home. As moisture drips into crawl spaces or basements, it destroys the structure’s foundation and wood frame, leading to homeowners renting a water pump from a local company. In addition, the moisture seeps up walls to saturate insulation layers and electrical wiring. Verify that all people and pets are out of a flooded room and home to prevent injuries from falling on slippery surfaces or electrical shocks.

Tip Two: Contact Utility Companies and Insurance Agents

Make sure utilities are shut off inside a home to prevent explosions from natural gas or fires from wet electrical wires. If only a small amount of moisture is on surfaces, then it is probably safe to turn off power at an electric power circuit breaker. However, turning off natural gas lines and electricity after major flooding occurs requires contacting local utility companies that will send emergency technicians to the home immediately. While waiting for technicians to arrive, contact an insurance agent to inform them about the situation. Refer to our selection of tools to rent to use after water damage has occurred.

Tip Three: Make a Fast Trip to Get Cleaning Supplies

Find a store that has quality rental equipment and expertise to assist with repairing home water damage. Make sure to rent a carpet cleaning extraction machine to suction moisture from wall-to-wall carpets, padding and rugs to avoid mold growth and mildew odor in fibers. At the same time, rent a dehumidifier that is strong enough to remove moisture from the humid air to avoid conditions that lead to additional problems in a home. Renting a water pump that operates from the power of a generator is vital because electrical power is turned off in the home.

Tip Four: Apply Chemicals that Eliminate Mold Spores and Mildew Odor

Rent a carpeting cleaning machine that allows using chemicals designed to destroy mold spores and eliminate mildew odor. A carpet cleaner can be more effective than most wet/dry vacuums. Select environmentally safe cleansers that do not leave dangerous residue on surfaces. Opt for extra tool attachments that permit suctioning moisture that pools near baseboards on tiled floors. To prevent contamination from pathogens, buy protective breathing masks and gloves.

Tip Five: Use Industrial-Strength Fans to Assist with Drying Surfaces

Drying surfaces throughout a home as quickly as possible is essential to prevent additional structural damage that can lead to crumbling drywall and corroded plumbing. In addition to renting a water pump to remove moisture, bring home industrial-strength fans to circulate the air in a home. At you local rental center you will find fans specifically designed to dry floors. The air circulation also helps to stop mold spores from landing on carpets, drywall and furniture to prevent growth.

If you are ever in a situation of needing to clean up water damage from your home around the Gastonia, Hickory, Mooresville and Shelby NC areas, please contact Gaston Rentals for all of your equipment rental needs to get you back to normal as fast and efficiently as possible.