6 Machines to Rent for Construction & DIY Projects

When it comes to five machines to rent for construction and DIY projects, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want the best results. From needing a Lull forklift to moving and mixing concrete, these are essential equipment rentals you can use for all of your construction and DIY projects.

1. Scissor Lift
The scissor lift can be used to work at amazingly high heights. Originally, this was a product that was only used for manufacturers and stores. However, it became popular among construction crews and residential DIY’ers as it is easy to maneuver around with tight areas because they are narrow.

2. Concrete Buggy
A concrete buggy is considered a cross between both a wheelbarrow and a riding lawnmower. With these types of construction equipment rentals, you can expect it to do tasks that need manpower. Also, this can be used for different terrains and tight spaces.

3. Burden Carrier
 burden carrier is exactly as it sounds. It carries the burdens. It can carry anything from personal equipment to other materials, and it can even carry personnel. These are all things that need to be understood for the best results.

4. Genie Lift
The great thing about the genie life is that it can lift up to around 1,000 pounds. It has been called the genie lift because it has been named for the awe that people feel when they are lifting things. It is amazing because one person is able to do the work of many. With this construction equipment rental, you are helping to make your construction or DIY project easier.

5. Cherry Picker
One of the advantages of a cherry picker rental is that it is narrow and easy to maneuver with. It is also called a boom lift. It can reach a maximum height of around 80 feet. 

6. Lull Forklifts
Forklifts help you increase productivity by minimizing the time it takes to transfer cargo. Increased productivity means that it will take less money to operate the project, and it increases the opportunities for you to make additional money. Gaston Rentals is an Authorized Lull Dealer, so contact us for more information for all our Lull forklift rental information and reservations.

These are some of the many choices for construction equipment rentals that you will have when working with Gaston Rentals in Gastonia, Mooresville, Shelby and Hickory. These recommendations are for you to keep in mind in order to get the best results with your construction and DIY projects for an easier and more efficient job.