7 Tips to Properly Prune Your Trees Before Winter Hits

Now that winter is on its way, it’s the ideal time of year to prune your trees. Trees should only be pruned when they’re not actively growing. Pruning during the growing season can cause injury to the tree and leave it vulnerable to diseases and pests. If you want to get started on this important lawn chore, here are seven tree pruning tips to help you.

1. Clean Your Tools
Clean and sharpen your tools before starting, and sanitize them before going to another tree. Failing to do so may transmit diseases and cause damage that can disfigure or kill your trees.

2. Prune With Caution
runing often involves going up high, and this can be a safety hazard. Always wear a hard hat and safety goggles, use a sturdy ladder and have someone there to hold it for you.

3. Rent a Cherry Picker
Some trees get between 60 and 80 feet tall. If you want to successfully prune these behemoths, a standard ladder isn’t going to be of any use. Instead, you may want to rent a cherry picker. This machinery will get you higher up into the boughs, and much more safely, too.

4. Be Gentle
Be gentle when pruning trees. If you use too much force or your tools aren’t sharp enough, it can tear the bark and splinter the wood.

5. Renting a Tree Trimmer
When your trees are too short for a ladder but slightly too tall to reach, consider renting a tree trimmer to make it easier. This lets you do your pruning easily from the ground.

6. Cut Down Diseased Trees
If you have diseased or dying trees on your property, it’s best to simply cut them down. The effort of pruning isn’t worth it, and it often accelerates their demise.

7. Trim Away Overhanging Limbs
t’s of the utmost importance to prune any trees near your house. Place a special focus on removing branched that hang over your roof. Harsh winter storms can cause these branches to break off of the tree, sending them hurdling into your roof. The last thing you need during a cold winter is extensive and costly roof damage.

By following these tree pruning tips, your trees won’t just look better and be healthier. You’ll could also save yourself a big headache later.