9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent from Our Gastonia Rental Equipment Company

Most people are aware that it’s possible to rent a car, forklift, excavator, or other big piece of equipment—or small items like drills and hand saws. However, there are many more things you can rent from places like Gaston Rentals. Here are just a few.

Rent Moving Dollies

If you’re moving, make the job ten times easier by renting a moving dolly or hand truck. Once you’re done, you can simply return the tool instead of having it take up space in your garage. Most rental companies even provide furniture pads, as well.

Rent Car Polishers

Buffers are not just for professional detailers anymore! You can give your car a wax and polish at home by simply renting the equipment you need. Electric car buffers will speed up your detailing process and let you kiss the days of tired, cramped hands goodbye.

Rent Bolt Cutters

It’s rare to find ourselves in a situation where we need bolt cutters, so it’s understandable to not own a pair. If you find yourself needing to break a lock, chain, or other object, simply head to your nearest rental store and grab what you need for a couple days only.

Rent Lawn Aerators

A lawn aerator uses evenly-spaced coring tines to remove tiny cores of turf in order to open up the soil to air, water, and fertilizer. There’s no need to hire a professional landscaper to use one on your lawn; you can simply do it at home yourself for much cheaper.

Rent Plumbing Equipment

If you have some basic plumbing knowledge and you experience an issue at home, you can solve the problem easily and inexpensively by renting out a plumbing snake, drain cleaner, auger, or other type of plumbing equipment.  

Rent Floor Polishers

Refinish your hardwoods at home by renting a floor buffer or polisher. It’s a great way to get the industrial cleaning you need for just a fraction of the cost.

Get it Done at Home with a DIY Rental Company

If you’re going to be tackling some DIY projects this season, there’s no need to go out and waste money on a machine you’ll only use once or twice a year, only to have it take up space in the garage. Simply rent plumbing, construction, and landscaping equipment from Gaston Rentals. With over $6 million worth of inventory, there is almost nothing we can’t rent out to assist your DIY project. To learn more, contact us here.