Awesome Lawn Care & Gardening Tip to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Homes with beautiful gardens and nicely manicured gardens look better than those without. This is especially true for people who love nature. This beauty does not come cheap. Maintaining a garden particularly during the hot and dry summer months can wreak havoc on one’s water bill. The most common sources of gardening advice will often omit to inform home gardeners of the most effective lawn care tips to save money. It is possible however, to have a well maintained garden without the accompanying hefty water bill. The secret lies in looking to the skies in the form of harvesting rain water.

Most gardens already have an irrigation method in place. This may be in the form of a drip or sprinkler system. Apart from the cost of the water, the other major challenge most gardeners face is moisture retention in the soil. This problem can be solved by mulching which entails placing cut grass or other form of dead vegetation around the stems of the plants. Wood shavings, saw dust, or manure can also be used for the same purpose. Irrigation should be done in a way that ensures minimal wastage of water. Sprinklers should be spaced out such that their areas of overlap are reduced as much as possible. Drips should only release water at the base of plants and so there should only be as many drip holes as there are plants.

A rain barrel system is the ideal way to utilize rain water for gardening purposes at virtually no maintenance cost besides the initial installation expense as outlined below: 

  • The system relies on rain water that collects in the roof gutters and is directed through the down pipes into the storm drain.
  • The barrel is placed between the gutter and main drain so as to catch all the rain water.
  • It is best to set up the barrel on a raised platform in order to generate enough pressure to push the water through the system.
  • The inlet to the barrel should have a strainer which removes any particles of dirt.
  • The outlet needs to be fitted with a spigot onto which the irrigation hose can be attached.

Good gardening advice should inform one of the most effective ways to set up a rain barrel system. This includes the use of a hygienic and preferably food safe barrel. These lawn care tips to save money are effective and safe.