Backhoe Rentals Help Save Time & Money on DIY Projects

Landscaping, adding on a home edition or constructing a new fence on a person’s property will often require a vast amount of trenching, digging and moving material. Now, all of these projects could be completed by using an old-school shovel and wheelbarrow method but that can be time-consuming and is less effective than utilizing the strengths of a backhoe. Fortunately, backhoe rentals provide individuals with the ability to dig, trench avoid backbreaking manual labor and complete jobs in an expedient amount of time. When a person decides to rent a backhoe, they receive a number of benefits.

There are three major components of a backhoe that are combined to create a single moving, digging and trenching machine. The main tractor body of a backhoe provides mobility and houses all of the controls that are required for operation. An articulated arm extends off of the tractor body and allows the driver to precisely trench, dig, lift objects or move heavy mounds of soil. Attached to the articulated arm is a front-loader bucket that has sharp, prong-like teeth. The bucket is an excellent tool for digging straight rows, flattening out areas for pouring concrete or grabbing heavy rocks and removing them from the ground.

Backhoes have the ability to operate in tight spaces that bulldozers or other heavy equipment would not be able to access. With this ability, it allows for more than just one backhoe when projects require additional work. The smaller body shape of a backhoe also has a lower noise profile and eliminates shaking or disturbing any infrastructure that is in the same vicinity. Backhoes can be easily driven around almost any jobsite and travel over different types of terrain with ease.

Multiple ways to use a backhoe have been put into practice. The bucket on the front of the machine allows an operator to perform tasks that require patting down soil, planting trees or digging holes for burying fence posts. Some individuals decide to rent a backhoe to move snow during the winter. Other do-it-yourselfers have utilized backhoe rentals so that they can prepare the groundwork for cables, pipes or sewer lines.

Purchasing a backhoe can be quite expensive and won’t fit the budget for many people that are just looking for the occasional assistance that a backhoe provides. $10,000-$100,000 to own a backhoe is much more expensive than the cost to rent a backhoe. Fortunately, if an individual needs the assistance of this versatile piece of equipment, backhoe rentals provide a quick solution that saves time and doesn’t gouge a person’s wallet.