Best Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn Mowers

Although most homeowners will not be using their lawn mower during the winter months, it is still important to properly winterize the machine. This will ensure that the mower remains ready for the spring season. The simple maintenance will also help to extend the overall longevity of your gas-powered mower. Here are some key tips to winterize lawn mowers. 

Drain the gas tank
When gasoline is stored for several months, it tends to gradually lose a small amount of octane over time. This will ultimately have an impact on the efficiency and performance of the engine. When storing the machine, it is recommended to completely drain the gas tank. Owners that prefer to avoid the hassle of draining the tank, a fuel stabilizer can be purchased from an equipment rental store in Gastonia.

Clean the Deck
The underside of a mower’s deck is prone to an accumulation of old grass and other debris. Using a wire brush, simply clean the entire undercarriage of the deck. This will help to prevent the formation of any surface rust. This also presents the perfect opportunity to remove the blade for sharpening.

Oil Change
Changing the motor oil is one of the most important steps to winterize lawn mowers. Draining the old oil will ensure that there will be no contaminants lingering around inside the engine. When changing the oil, do not forget to also replace the oil filter. 

Replace the Filters
Both the air filter and fuel filter play an important role in the durability of the motor. Each year, these critical parts need to be replaced. However, a foam air filter can be reused by cleaning it with a mixture of warm water and soap. After allowing it to thoroughly dry, simply reinstall it in the proper position. Most fuel filters can easily be replaced by loosening a few clamps. However, always remember to replace the small hose that extends from the fuel filter to the carburetor. 

Spark Plugs
After obtaining the recommended spark plugs from an equipment rental store in Gastonia, ensure that the tips are properly gapped. 

Battery Maintenance
In cold weather, a battery is susceptible to losing its charge. Charging the battery once a month should maintain the battery’s energy. 

There are also lawn mower rentals available for homeowners. All lawn mower rentals will already be properly prepared for the mowing season.