Bounce House Safety Tips from Our Shelby Bounce House Rental Company!

Inflatable bounce houses are a central attraction for any kid’s event, or really, any event in which children will be present. Bounce houses give kids an opportunity to bounce around and burn off all that sugar—while parents can enjoy some peace and quiet amongst themselves. However, accidents do still happen when it comes to bounce houses, so here are a few tips to make sure everyone has a good, safe time.   

Set an age limit and enforce it

Bounce houses are only recommended for children who are six years old or above. This especially applies when there is a mix of different age ranges—the bigger kids can cause “bounces” that toddlers lack the strength and coordination to overcome. To avoid tantrums, you might want to advise your guests to leave children younger than six at home, as watching other kids play in a bounce house while having to sit on the sidelines is too painful for most kids to tolerate!

Hire or appoint a “party sitter”

It’s good practice to always have an adult present to monitor the bounce house. Many public venues, like parts, require a trained staff member to supervise, as well. Since you can’t be constantly watching the bounce house while serving and entertaining your guests, it’s a good idea to hire a designated safety enforcer. We recommend someone who doesn’t want to enjoy the party—so, not a friend or neighbor—and who is old enough to wrangle respect from kids. A college student or grad student might consider it a fun weekend gig, for instance.

Have kids remove breakable items and jewelry

Before entering, have children take off their shoes, glasses, and jewelry so they do not harm each other or pop the bounce house. Make sure that they empty their pockets of any objects, as well. Make sure that no one has smuggled a cupcake or other treat into the bounce house, which would make for a sticky mess.

Only allow a few children at a time

The fewer children using the bounce house at the same time, the less risk for accidents and injuries. Since bouncing alone isn’t fun, though, you might allow three or four children at the same time. Make sure they are grouped in equal sizes so it’s easier for all bouncers to keep their balance.

No grown-ups allowed  

Although most bounce houses are quite sturdy, they are designed for children, not adults. “Adults” in this instance applies to teenagers and college students. A good way to keep adults out of the bounce house is informing them that they will have to pay for any damages they cause. Like most party rental companies, we inspect for damage before and after, and those expenses can be passed along to the culprits!   

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