Red, white and blue are the colors of the day every July 4th, but this year the party can be different than last year’s. July 4th party rentals can help liven up the celebration with new items designed to share the day’s spirit of independence.

Keep Guests Comfortable & In Good Spirits

Enjoy the parades and fireworks with no worries when our event rental company supplies tables, chairs and more. Rent party equipment to save time and effort gearing up for the celebration. Table linens, china, glassware and other decor pieces will make the party space festive and honor the meaningful colors of American freedom.

With a wide array of chair rentals to choose from helps assist the party-giver in setting the mood and reminding guests of the reason for this annual celebration. July 4th party rentals also include the choice of table rentals and linens rentals to keep each guest comfortable and relaxed.

Red, White & Blue, of Course!

Hosts can rent party equipment of coordinated color blends that match the American holiday with reds, whites and blues. It is one less detail to take up time better spent socializing. Linen table cloths, cloth overlays and napkins are tasteful and fitting for fun and conversation. Glassware comes in several colors as does the china for refreshing variation.

Gaston Rentals Provides Convenience & Peace of Mind

Our event rental company adds convenience and ease to a potentially hectic time. The party can be ready before or after a holiday concert so guests feel welcome and everyone can relax, including the hosts. A red, white and blue dessert suggestion may also brighten the celebration.

Stylish flatware is yet another option for the well-dressed table at a festive party. Diners can eat with flair in either casual or dressy attire. There are many ways to salute the flag with these decor choices, so the hostess can focus on more immediate party needs.

Grilled foods and picnic dishes look even better on an attractive table, adding a nice touch to a day and evening of holiday celebration. All of these ideas contribute to a pleasant time of catching up with family and friends, so make it easier this year.

After the party, everything goes back and the clean-up is done. Find out more by contacting Gaston Rentals today and speak with an Event Planning specialist about your ideas.

Party hosts deserve to enjoy their own celebration, and July 4th party rentals make it possible. Planning ahead is a snap with Gaston Rentals. Call and ask about all the necessary details and get suggestions if needed. Get ahead of the crowds!