Construction Equipment Rental Tips from Gaston Rentals

For smaller contractors, equipment rental companies are a vital part of their operating strategy. Renting equipment as needed means they don’t have to purchase, store, maintain and insure equipment that is only used occasionally.

If you are a contractor planning to rent some construction equipment, or a skilled DIY enthusiast about to embark on a home construction project, here are three things to think about before deciding where to get the equipment from:

  1. Do your research. There are a lot of different types and brands available on the market to do almost any task. Before contacting rental companies, determine the leading brands in the relevant market segment. Use this information to help you fairly compare one company’s offering against the next.
  2. Weigh up the actual cost of rental before you decide on a supplier. Don’t just rent the first piece of equipment you are offered. Make sure that the supplier is reputable, offers good service and that their equipment is well maintained. A machine that breaks down or is unable to work productively due to lack of maintenance will actually cost you more once the expense of lost productivity is factored in.
  3. Make sure you (or your staff member that will operate the machinery) are given instructions and/or training on the correct use of equipment. Although there may be several machines from different manufacturers that perform the same task and are similar, there are sometimes slight differences in operation from one manufacturer’s product to the next. Make sure your equipment rental supplier explains these differences and provides guidance.