Compaction Equipment Rentals

At Gaston Rentals, You have a choice from a full line of compaction equipment from rammers and plate compactors to walk behind and ride-on rollers. Give us a call and we will line you up with the best compaction method for your job.

Rammers, also known as jumping jacks, are available for trench work, compaction around poles and in restricted spaces. Our rammers are designed for maximum efficiency while providing the greatest ease of handling and operator comfort.

Plate Compactors are available in dirt, asphalt and reversible plates and are ideal for a wide range of applications when compaction is required on your job. Small plates are ideal for jobs where rollers cannot fit or are not economical to operate such as paving driveways or small pathways.

Trench rollers, also known as a sheepsfoot roller, and radio controlled compaction rollers that make it suitable for compaction of cohesive soil, both in confined areas such as trenches and on roads. The infrared remote control system uses a line of sight control that increases operator safety.

Walk behind rollers are capable of performing a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications. Ride-on double drum rollers are designed for a multitude of uses including paving of driveways, small streets, sidewalks and bicycle trails. Smaller ride-on rollers are also used as a compliment to bigger rollers for compacting cross-joints and restricted spaces. Ride-on rollers come in several different sizes from 1 ton up to 7.5 ton.

Vibratory Rollers

Bomag BMP

  • Roller, Trench w/Remote  BomagRoller Specifications
  • Roller, Asphalt, Gas 1.5 Ton, Static
  • Roller, Asphalt, Diesel 2.5 Ton, Vibratory
  • Roller, Ride-On, Single Drum 47″ (Pad Foot w/Blade)
  • Roller, Ride-On, Single Drum 54″ (Pad Foot)
  • Roller, Ride-On, Single Drum 66″ (Smooth)


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jumping compactors for rent
jumping compactor rentals


  • Compactor, Rammer
  • Compactor, Vibratory Plate
  • Foot Extension for Rammer
  • Tamper, Hand


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