DIY Tree Maintenance – Keep Your Property’s Trees Trimed!

Trees are an asset to any property, and making sure they are well maintained should be on a homeowner’s priority list. However, few homeowners can justify the expense and storage of owning a lift for their tree-trimming needs. Some people choose to hire landscaping companies, which can lead to exorbitant costs for a simple job. A more affordable way to handle trimming and harvesting from trees yourself is with a lift rental. Renting a lift is a much safer alternative to climbing a tree or using a cutter from the ground, which could lead to injury from falling branches.

First, to determine the height that you will need for your tree, set up a ladder and gauge the height of the lift you will need to rent. Don’t think that a ladder is a safe alternative to a lift rental simply because it can reach the branches you want to trim. Ladders can cause serious injury and offer no protection from falling branches.

Call a rental company about the type of lift rental that you need and let them know the height that you are trying to reach. Ensure that you provide details of the terrain the lift will be on so that any extra safety precautions are explained. Ask for a demonstration of the operation of the lift rental to be sure that you are operating it properly. A demo can help prevent injury and damage to the rental, which could incur costs. Only use the lift rental for its intended purposes and always follow the safety guidelines.

Make sure to take care when cutting the tree branches, even when using a lift. Make sure to cut away from the lift so that no branches accidentally fall on you or the lift’s controls.

Understanding the steps to renting a lift can make your tree maintenance experience an easy and enjoyable one. Lift rental can make the process of trimming your trees not only easier, but also safer and cheaper!