Do I Need a License to Operate or Rent a Skid Steer?

Rent a Skid SteerHomeowners with large landscaping or small DIY construction projects may want to take advantage of skid steer rental. These machines can equal serious savings in time and labor, so it’s no surprise that those with soil or rubble to move may decide to rent a skid steer versus having to hire a crew or do the moving by hand. Does a homeowner need a special license in order to rent or operate a labor-saving skid steer?

The answer is no. There is no special licensing required in order to rent or operate a skid steer. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can do so, however. Since these are still heavy-duty machines that can be dangerous if used improperly, most places that offer skid steer rental will not rent to complete novices. Before even walking through the door, renters should know:

  • What a skid steer is
  • How it operates
  • What kind of protective gear is required
  • The load that the skid steer will be required to lift

Operate a Skid SteerOperating a skid steer is relatively easy. Some places that allow a homeowner to rent a skid steer will also offer training in how to properly operate it. They may also give renters a chance to make a few test runs to familiarize themselves with the machine itself. Some places go one step further– rather than having renters secure and tow their skid steer rental to their project site, they will have a staff member drive it. This is helpful because it gives renters a chance to have their projects and sites evaluated by the rental company to ensure that the machines they are renting are the right ones for their needs.

Even though a license is not required to rent or operate a skid steer, and even though skid steers are relatively easy to learn, there’s a lot to know. As long as homeowners thoroughly familiarize themselves with how to correctly tow and operate a skid steer, choose the right machines for the job, and have the proper safety equipment, skid steers can be an invaluable addition to their projects.

Get in touch with Gaston Rentals to rent a skid steer today to help save you a lot of time and trouble on your next DIY project. Remember, you don’t need a special license to operate the machinery for skid steer rentals.

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