Equipment Rental Store Shares 4 Important Landscaping Tips for Fall

Even though your landscape starts to die in the fall, it’s still important to take care of it so it will bounce back and be vibrant again in the spring. Here are some fall landscaping tips you need to be sure you follow.

Clean Up Your Leaves
Many people like the way fallen leaves look, but it’s not a good idea to leave them on the ground for too long. Once your leaves start falling, it’s a good idea to get out the rake or leaf blower every week or two. Leaves left on your sidewalk can make it hard for people to walk, especially if they get wet, which can create a hazard and put you at risk if people fall. It’s also bad for your yard to leave leaves their over the winter, because they can kill your grass. If you don’t like to rake and don’t have a leaf blower, many hardware stores offer leaf blower rentals.

Trim Your Trees
Fall is a good time to trim back branches and shrubs because it is easier to dispose of them when they don’t have any leaves on them. You can rent a woodchipper if you don’t have one and grind them up into small pieces to use as mulch or ground cover. Be sure, however you if you do rent a woodchipper you know how to use it safely.

Fertilize Your Yard
Even though fall is when your grass starts going dormant, it’s still a good time to put down fertilizer. There are types of fertilizer that are specifically for application in the fall, and you should be able to find them at any hardware or home improvement center. Fertilizing in the fall helps protect your grass and make it grow better once spring comes around.

Reseed Your Grass
Another thing that may seem counter-intuitive but actually is a vital part of fall landscaping is to reseed your lawn. If you have spots in your lawn where the grass isn’t growing well, fall is the time to take care of it. The grass seed will have time to establish itself and then will come in strong in the spring.

Following these fall landscaping tips will help you prepare for winter and have a stronger lawn come spring. While it’s important to have the right tools, you can always use leaf blower rentals and rent whatever other tools you need for proper fall lawn maintenance.