Fall Landscaping Tips To Prepare For The Winter Months

The fall months are a busy time of year of gardeners, as it is time to start getting the yard and garden ready for the cold winter months ahead. To make this chore easier, here are some simple landscape winterizing tips to help get through the winter and have a green spring.

October into November is the perfect time to begin aerating the landscaping and soil. Most gardeners choose to rent a lawn aerator rather than purchasing one. Aerating the soil is simply punching small holes in the lawn to help improve air flow throughout the soil. When renting a lawn aerator, there are two distinctly different types to choose from. The most common is the gas powered aerator which is also the most effective. The process that the gas powered machine uses is referred to as coring, which means that small clumps of soil is pulled out. The other type is known as spiking. While spiking does help with soil aeration a little, it is not as effective as coring. 

Other landscape winterizing tips include dividing all spring and summer bulbs and annuals, and starting a compost pile. For the compost pile, use any disease free leaves and cuttings from garden plants, along with grass cuttings, small leaves, and some twigs. The compost will be used to help fertilize next year’s new growth.

Fall is also a great time to plant trees and shrubs, and it is also the time to transplant. For some of the larger transplants, or for larger holes to be dug, it may be necessary to look into landscaping rental equipment. Most home improvement stores and some garden centers have landscaping rental equipment available.

Fall may seem like the end of a garden, but there is never an end. Fall is the perfect time of year to start planning and caring for next year’s garden. Plant some spring bulbs, start a compost pile and continue enjoying an ever changing garden.

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