Finish Up Tree Removal by Renting a Stump Grinder

Stump Grinder Rentals Make Getting Rid of Tree Stumps Easy

After losing trees located on a property, homeowners must have the ugly stumps removed to improve the appearance of their lawns. While the removal of old, damaged or diseased trees was hard work, getting rid of the stumps is more complicated unless a homeowner is able to rent a stump grinder. Most tree stumps are huge and heavy, making it difficult to haul the items away for disposal. There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a device that a homeowner will use once in their lifetime, and fortunately, there are equipment rental companies that have stump grinders available.

Items Needed to Grind Tree Stumps

Prepare to rent a stump grinder by having a sturdy vehicle to bring it home or contact an equipment rental company about the delivery of equipment necessary for this do-it-yourself task. This is a great time to collect other tools required to remove tree stumps. Things to rent or buy include:

• Protective equipment – goggles, gloves, helmet, breathing mask, work boots
• Trash cans – to hold debris
• Tarps – to protect patios, decks, sidewalks, gardens
• Tools – rake, chain saw, mattock

Tree Stump Grinding Requires a Cooperative Team

Stump grinder rentals makes the task of getting rid of hideous looking tree stumps easier, but this is still a job that requires a team of at least two people in case of an injury. This is the time to request help from a friend because this is an all-day job. First, verify that there are no dangers in or near the tree stump such as wasps, bees or snakes. Use the mattock and rake to remove any gravel or rocks from around the tree stump to avoid getting these items into the mechanisms of the stump grinder or the chain saw. After putting on the protective gear, use the chain saw to cut the visible portion of the stump to the ground level.

Follow the Directions Supplied by the Equipment Rental Company

Stump grinder rentals include detailed directions that everyone should follow to prevent accidents. A hydraulic lift is part of the equipment that comes with the grinder to make it easier to lift and move the device over the portion of the stump left in the ground. While using the grinder, lower it a few inches to begin chipping away the wood gradually. Maintain a slow grinding process to prevent jamming or breaking the blades of the machine. If the tree stump has a large diameter, then it can take several hours to move the grinder from side to reach a depth of at least 4-inches.