Five Questions to Ask a Bouncer Rental Business

Renting an inflatable for a party or function will make you every child’s favorite grown-up, but there are certain things you will need to be aware of and questions you can ask the inflatable/bouncer rentals store.

Inflatables/bouncers will entertain kids for hours, but because they are expensive and have plenty of safety regulations, you will want to make sure that the company you are using for the rentals complies with the requirements. Here is a list of the top five safety concerns.

1. Do your inflatable rentals comply with the specific safety regulations set by the state? Regulations differ from state to state, so make sure you are up to date.

2. Have their inflatables been made with lead-free paint? Over time, the cheaper inflatable/bouncer rentals start to flake. This can be inhaled, making the inflatables dangerous to use.

3. Does the inflatable rental come with the correct safety items?

4. Does the inflatable/bouncer rental come from an experienced and qualified rental company?

5. Does the slide have a sealed chamber to prevent collapse? This is often a required safety feature of inflatable/bouncer rentals.

The rentals store will provide all the information you ask for. You can then rent the equipment with confidence.