Gaston Rentals Describes 5 Garden Tilling Tips

Before heading out for tiller rentals or to purchase a tiller, it’s good to start with a few garden tilling tips to make a better decision on whether to rent or own.

1. Prepare the Area
Usually, vegetation is cleared beforehand from the area to be tilled. This is particularly true when tilling in an area that was previously a grassy lawn. Tilling the grass into the soil guarantees the grass will regrow (with a vengenace) as weeds in the garden. Consider using a herbicide like glycol phosphate to kill the grass first, or at least mow it very short. Some plants, especially legumes, can be tilled into the soil because they add nitrogen.

2. Remove Obstacles
Before you rent a tiller, make sure the area is fairly clean. Rocks, bricks, large pieces of wood, and other solid objects can damage the tiller’s tines and clutch if processed while tilling. This may require some light digging to make sure the soil is not excessively rocky. 

3. Consider Erosion
Tilling an area will leave soil very loose until a rain or mechanical packing. Think about how slope in the area or heavy rainfall may remove that loose soil. This is especially crucial when tilling a hillside. Make sure that no heavy rain is forecast in the next few days, or until everything will be planted and the soil packed firm. In these cases, it may also be a good idea to lay a thick layer of straw or other mulch. The soil, even after packing, will still be relatively loose until root systems of the plants begin to take hold. 

4. Pick the Right Tiller
There are many different machines on the market. Before any tiller rentals, think about the size of the area to be tilled, and how accessible it is. If it’s a large open area, rent a large tiller. If it is a tight area with things to till around, a mini-tiller may be a better option. Also, the larger the tiller, the more physically demanding it is to run. 

5. Know the Tiller
When you rent a tiller, you should receive an owner’s manual. Read it through and make sure you understand how to safely use the machine. Wear protective equipment, use the right fuel, and follow other safety instructions. Always ask the rental company questions before leaving the lot.

Tilling can be the key to a great gardening season. For more garden tilling tips and instructions, talk to the staff at one of the 4 Gaston Rentals locations.