4 Fall Season Lawn & Garden Tips to Improve Your Property

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your lawn and garden for next year’s growing season. Doing a little work when the leaves have fallen will promote a lush, green lawn and vigorous vegetable production next growing season. Follow these lawn and garden care tips for fall to get a jump start on next spring.

Till the Soil
Garden soil should be tilled one final time before winter to help prevent soil compaction from snow and heavy rainfall. Clean off all plant debris and rent a tiller to rough till the garden soil. Consider planting a fall cover crop in the garden to help add nutrients to the soil and prevent winter soil erosion. Rent a tiller in the fall to create new vegetable or flower beds too.

Lawn Care
Fall is the right time for rejuvenating and feeding the lawn. Visit your local tool rental store to pick up some needed lawn care tools, like an aerator and de-thatcher. Removing a thick layer of thatch and providing aeration to the soil will enable the fall application of fertilizer and new grass seeds to penetrate the soil better and produce better results. Your local tool rental store will also have a variety of other lawn and garden care equipment you may need for fall spruce-up chores.

Test the Soil
Conduct a soil test in your garden, flower beds and lawn to discover what type of amendments needs to be added for optimum plant growth. Adding the soil amendments in the fall will give them plenty of time to saturate the soil and be readily available for plant roots comes spring planting time.

Fall Clean Up
One of the best fall landscaping tips a homeowner can receive is to conduct a thorough outdoor cleanup. Plant-damaging pests make their winter home in dead leaves, old mulch, vegetation and fallen twigs. Remove all dead debris from garden and flower bed surfaces and clean up all debris from under trees and shrubs so there will be no nesting material for rodents, caterpillars, beetles and other small pests that feed on the tender vegetation that emerges in spring.

Call Us
Many gardeners consider fall to be the time of year to wind down and end outdoor projects, but it’s actually the best time of year to prepare gardens and lawns for the winter months ahead. Call our office today for advice or to request a consultation on ways to improve the health and appearance of your outdoor growing spaces with fall landscaping tips.