Gaston Rentals’ Guide to Throwing an Awesome Backyard BBQ

BBQ season has officially begun! Summer is a great time to get outside, and an even better time to entertain your friends in your backyard! Throwing an awesome backyard BBQ can make you the talk of the block. Here are some tips to make your party memorable:

Pick a Theme!
You may think that themes are hokey, but there are many benefits to having a theme. A theme can help your party stand out from everyone else’s summer BBQs. With a bit of preplanning, it’s easy to create a theme that ties together the whole event, from food to decorations. Popular themes include Luau, Tropical, and even Christmas in July! If you’re having trouble finding what you need, consider checking rental stores.

Don’t Fall into the BBQ Trap
Sometimes when people think BBQ they automatically assume there will only be hamburgers and hot dogs on the menu. Think outside of the box and use your BBQ grill for other foods, such as vegetables or even seafood!

Don’t Feel You Need to Spend a Lot of Money
Okay, so you want to throw a BBQ, but you’re missing a major ingredient: a grill! Good grills don’t come cheap, but before you drop hundreds on a grill you’re not sure you’re going to get full use out of, consider rental stores that carry professional ones in propane or charcoal models for minimal costs!

Round Out the Food Experience!
Your guests have their meat on their plates … now what? Don’t forget to round out that taste-bud experience with a selection of sides. Think pasta salads, fruit salads, and a selection of breads or antipasti. You can keep it simple and not spend a lot of money while still providing your guests with a full food experience!

You Provide the Entertainment
Entertainment can be anything from tunes blasting from speakers to an inflatable bouncy castle for kids’ parties to classic backyard games. Don’t rely on Grandma telling her stories for entertainment; find something fun and imaginative to liven up your party!