Getting the Most Out of Your Lawn with Lawn Aeration

The health of your lawn depends on a great number of factors. With the right tools, many of these factors will be under your control. The quality of the soil and the amount of moisture the grass roots receive are the two most important factors in lawn health. You might respond, “I know how to provide the root systems with enough water. That’s easy: just use the hose. But how am I supposed to support the quality of the soil?” In fact, “just using the hose” is, by itself, usually not effective enough. This issue is also related to the soil’s health. What many people don’t realize is that one of the single most effective steps you can take in supporting your lawn is aeration. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Aeration breaks up dry and compacted dirt, allowing moisture to permeate the soil and support the nutrients therein. The water is also more easily able to reach the root systems. Watering in this way becomes much more effective.
  2. This breaking up of the soil allows space for the root systems to grow and flourish.
  3. If you are using fertilizing products, an aerator will create the space needed for these products to reach the root systems and therefore be most effective.
  4. An aerator creates tiny pockets of space, allowing both the root systems and the soil to breathe.

 Aerating your lawn once or twice a year should be enough to keep it healthy. You can rent a good-quality aerator from your local rental store at a relatively low cost.