Graduation Season is Right around the Corner! Rent Tables, Chairs and Linens Now for the BIG Party

Graduation season is coming soon, a process that will last for six weeks or so as both higher education and high school students complete their studies.

With those events come the parties to celebrate such achievements that came through years of hard work. While food will be cooked or catered, the issue of making sure that all aspects of graduation party rentals are handled becomes paramount to making sure that the event is a success.

That’s where the professionals at Gaston Rentals assist your needs with years of experience, we have a variety of products get the job done right.

For instance, the likely large number of people that’ll be showing up will require chair rentals, the food they eat will necessitate table rentals, and in order to give the party a little class, linen rentals will be in order.

Chair Rentals

The chair rentals should be for seats that are large enough and offer the comfort needed for a party that could last for a lengthy period of time. We have several different styles that cover virtually every person that will be there.

Renting chairs is essential to most large graduation party as homeowners don’t typically keep chairs on hand or around their house. That is where Gaston Rentals, a party rental and equipment rental company, comes in to help provide the best seating available to you and your guests.

Table Rentals

A wide variety of table rentals are also available, including multiple sizes of round cocktail and sit-down tables that seats between two to four people. There’s a square version of that table that also will seat the same number of individuals. Other table options are available to rent and Gaston Rentals should be contacted to customize needs based on your party size and location.

Much like chair rentals, renting tables is also crucial to the comfort you provide your guests. You most likely don’t have numerous tables of various sizes laying around and we recommend you check out what options are available to suit your graduation party requirements with our of our Event & Party Planning specialists.

Linen Rentals

With various types of linen available, there’s no shortage of options for your graduation party rentals. The color choices are expansive and will undoubtedly afford you the opportunity to match the graduate’s school colors to really connect with your guests.

Renting chairs, tables and linens is made easy with Gaston Rentals in Gastonia, Hickory, Mooresville and Shelby. We also serve Charlotte NC and Belmont NC areas so reach out to us today!