Great Spring Cleaning Tips for Outside Your Home

When the warm weather returns, the first thing many people think of with spring cleaning is working on the inside of the home and garage. The outside of your home has also taken quite a beating during the winter months and needs a little attention too. Now that the sun is shining strong again, a great way to rejuvenate yourself is to get outside and do some yard work this weekend. If you do not have the appropriate tools, you can get affordable rental equipment from a local hardware center. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for the outside of your home.

Washing the Windows
Those windows are certainly going to look worse for wear at the first sign of spring. Sludge, mold, mildew, and grime have been growing for months are really can make the home look dirty and slimy. Take out all the screens and gently use a soapy detergent mix with a new paint brush, and clean off all the buildup that you can. Hose off the cleaning solution and then wash the windows before putting the screens back in place. If you need to repair any of the screens, your local tool rental company in Mooresville most likely has all the supplies you will need. Cleaning the outside glass first will allow you to see from the inside whether they are spotless or not.

Clearing Out Your Gutters
During the harsh winter conditions, many leaves, branches, and airborne debris get trapped in the gutters. Those items can block the down spouts and cause water to remain trapped up high in the gutters which can lead to damage. The extra weight can pull the gutters away from the home, allowing rain water to drip behind and into your home. Climb your ladder and remove all the twigs and leaves to free up the drainage system efficiently.

Washing Your Home
The exterior of your home can easily turn green in areas from mold and mildew that grew from the rain and snow that fell all fall and winter. Renting a pressure washer from your local tool rental company in Mooresville is a great alternative to scrubbing those areas by hand. Simply spray away any mold and grime that is growing. Wooden decks also become very slipper from a buildup of bacteria and mold. The pressure washer can easily remove all those contaminants and restore the original clean look to that deck in no time at all.

Pruning Your Bushes and Trees
Just like how you look after months without a haircut, your bushes and trees are probably in rough shape right now. Grab your trimmers and start snipping off any dead areas to get ready for that new growth. If you do not own any sharp pruners, you can always get affordable rental equipment from your local tool center.

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