Having a Birthday Party? Here are 3 Reasons to Hire a Party Rental Company

Throwing a birthday party for yourself, a friend, or a loved one can be a lot of fun. There is usually a good deal of stress involved as well though when you are planning a bash. The reason is that you want to be sure that everyone attending the party is comfortable and is having a great time. This means taking the time to really consider what each of your guests wants and is going to be entertained by. Things such as planning out seating, activities, food, entertainment, and so on will come into play with the planning of any birthday bash.

With all the planning going on, how can a party rental service help you with these key areas? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Renting vs Buying is More Cost Effective
The thing with major items such as tables, chairs, inflatables, and so on is that they all cost a good amount of money. Purchasing something such as a large inflatable slide for a three of four-hour birthday party may not be the most cost efficient way of going about planning a birthday bash.

Instead, using a party rental company for these items is going to give you the opportunity to be able to rent what you need for the amount of time that you need them.

Renting items should be for infrequent occurrences, so you don’t incur the added expenses and storage needs with purchasing various party or holiday items. The end result is that you will only be paying a fraction of what you would pay would you have purchased it outright.

2. Various Entertainment & Party Supplies Options
Using a party rental service company, like Gaston Rentals, is not only going to save you money, but it is also going to open things up for you so that you have a variety of entertainment options and party supplies.

If you were to go out and purchase inflatables for our party, you may only have a few options to choose from to keep you within your budget, but using a party rental service allows you to choose from a catalog of tremendous products for entertainment options that are going to be able to appeal to every guest that you have at your birthday bash.

The same can be said for tables, chairs, and other items you may rent. Going through a party rental service will simply give you more to choose from.

3. Peace of Mind in Setup & Break Down
Party rental service companies are also going to go the extra mile to help you with your birthday party set-up. If you were to rent something from them such as an inflatable slide, you surely are going to need some assistance to be sure that it is all set up and ready to go. They will help you with that so that you can get your inflatable constructed in a safe manner so that it can be enjoyed by your guests with as little risk to them as possible. They’re also going to be there to help you when it is time to take down the inflatables so that they can be returned to the party rental service company.

Get in touch with us today for all of your party and birthday party rental needs. Your kids will love it! Your parent guests will love it! And you will love how professional and experienced Gaston Rentals is for all of your party rental needs, now and in the future!