Holiday Lights Removal Safety Tips from Gaston Rentals

Setting up Christmas decorations and hanging outdoor light is always an exciting time of year. It is common for people to take special care to make sure that everything looks perfect for neighbors family by taking a few extra moments to hang things just so. This care can be a little lost by January when it is time to take down lights and decorations. Using these holiday light removal tips can help preserve lights, and the surrounding landscaping, for next season.

Take Care of Landscaping Features
Pulling on strings of lights is the number one reason that both lights and landscaping features become damaged. It may be a lot colder outside in January, when most people take lights down, than it is when lights and decorations are hung in late November. Adding an extra layer of clothing and wearing well-fitting gloves can make the removal process a little warmer. Holiday light removal tips also include watching where the strands of lights are landing if they happen to fall to the ground.

Some plants bud early in the fall, even though flowering doesn’t occur until spring. If a strand of lights or another decorative piece falls to the ground, it is possible for the frozen buds to become damaged, which will reduce flowers in the spring months. Using a Gastonia equipment rental store can be very helpful in removing lights without damaging landscaping features. Reaching the decorations and lights is much simpler with a machine that reaches the rooftops easily. Rental equipment in Gastonia is readily available for holiday cleanup.

What to Avoid
It can be tempting to pull a strand of lights from the ground to make the process of removing holiday decorations a little faster. One of the benefits of opting for rental equipment in Gastonia is the ability to carefully remove decorations and lights quickly. Pulling on stands of lights may be dangerous to people as well as plants when the glass bulbs break, leaving glass particles on the lawn. A Gastonia equipment rental store offers tools that eliminate the risk of broken glass by allowing homeowners to remove holiday lights properly.