Hot Summer Days Are Great for Pressure Washing Your Home

Hot weather is great for pressure washing. The blast of water makes a fine spray that cools the surrounding air whether one is pressure washing siding or sidewalks. A weather check before a decision to rent a pressure washer for the next day is in order. Hot dry days heat up oils and grease on outdoor surfaces, making them easier to power wash away. Renters should also look at the special pressure washing accessories that are available from the equipment rentals provider. Making a list of what to clean and in what order is also helpful before getting started.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Places that offer pressure washer rentals provide the latest equipment that they maintain in peak operating condition. Plus, they have all the tools, cleaners and accessory items that make a day of pressure washing easier and produces better results. Specialty nozzles for cleaning masonry, metal, wood and other items easily pop on and off pressure washer wands using the same style of quick-disconnects connector used with air tools. Wand extensions help to reach higher spots without needing ladders. There are even sidewalk and driveway cleaners that look like lawn mowers. Rotating nozzles underneath the wheeled accessory blasts surfaces clean while containing flying bits of gravel, sand and dirt.

Be Safe

Users who rent a pressure washer for home use should always wear goggles, gloves, and long pants and sleeves as safety gear. Pressure washers easily launch rocks, dirt and small objects into the air. Cleaning walls and foundations are prime spots for having debris ricochet and hit the person with the spray wand. Cleaning overhead surfaces can drop everything from bird nests to other things right onto an unsuspecting head. Bystanders should not be allowed in the area being pressure washed.

Testing a Pressure Washer on Surfaces to Be Cleaned

Pressure washer rentals may put out much higher pressure than cheap electric or consumer style models. They have enough force to dislodge bits of concrete from driveways and shards of wood from decks if one is not careful. Holding professional model pressure washer wands too close to wood can cause the wood to actually disintegrate like it is being hit with a sandblaster. Pressure washer nozzles for use on specific surfaces being cleaned should be tested. Testing how it acts on wood by practicing on a secured piece of scrap wood helps to prevent deck damage when actual cleaning gets underway. Testing inconspicuous areas of other materials reveals how the surface will hold up without risking damage to areas easily seen.

Do Not Forget the Cleaners

Pressure washer rentals still need proper cleaners to get the job done. A universal cleaner may not be as good as specialty cleaners for specific surfaces. Surfaces such as driveways need cleaners that dissolve oil and grease. Siding needs a surfactant designed to lift the gritty film that settles over the suburbs. Grills need cleaners that are safe to use on such surfaces. Cars and trucks need cleaners that will not react with paint, plastics, chrome, rubber or aluminum. Using the wrong cleaner on aluminum can hasten oxidation and dull or pit the surface.

A lot of cleaning can be done with a single day’s rental of a commercial pressure washer rented from an equipment rentals provider. Renters definitely need to take time to read warnings and instructions before getting started. It makes for an easier day of pressure washer cleaning without injury to the worker or damaging any of the surfaces that need to be cleaned.