Hottest Trends from the Royal Wedding to Replicate at Your Event

Replicate Trends from the Royal Wedding at Your Own Event!

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has already spawned lots of new trends. If you’re looking for wedding planners in Gastonia, check out this list to see some ideas for your own wedding!

The Pre-Event Event

Your shindig doesn’t just have to last for an afternoon or evening. Our Gastonia wedding rental company can help your guests get excited with pre-event reminders, goodies and more! At the Royal Wedding, guests were prepped months in advance with instructions on what (not) to wear, how and when to show up, and what gifts were acceptable.

Break with Tradition

The Royal couple broke centuries of tradition by having a lemon elderflower cake at their reception. The natural-looking cake was made with organic ingredients and fresh frosting. (Traditionally, royals have fruitcake at their weddings.)

Be like Meghan and Harry: do away with the stuffy traditions that you don’t enjoy. (Who wants fruitcake at a wedding?)

Share Your History

The happy couple had no problem honoring and celebrating Meghan’s African-American heritage. Despite the complaints of stuffy Brits, they had a gospel choir sing at the ceremony and had a black Episcopalian minister preach the sermon. Great Britain was surprised that the staid royal family would allow this, but the message was clear: this wedding was about two people who loved each other, not about an institution (the Royal family). For your event, include touches to reflect things you and your family or co-host care about.

Imperfect is Perfect

Meghan and Harry hired a florist known for natural-seeming arrangements. Rather than perfectly-arranged pots of flowers or colorful boweries, the chapel where the royals married was festooned with wild-seeming clusters of leaves, white flowers, and more. The effect was of a wedding held in the middle of a forest.

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