How To Avoid Mosquitoes At A Summer Event

Many people who are interested in Shelby party tent rental want to know how to avoid mosquitoes. Any event equipment company will tell you that mosquitoes are one of the things that can ruin an outdoor event. Fortunately, there are ways that you can avoid mosquitoes.

Use Citronella

Before you hire outdoor event planning services, you will need to get some citronella. You can use citronella candles or spikes. Mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella, so they stay clear of it.

Use Insect-Repelling Plants

You may also want to get some insect-repelling plants before you hire an event equipment company. Lavender, catnip, citronella and basil are plants that are known for repelling mosquitoes.

Use Fans

A fan can be used as a mosquito repellent. A mosquito cannot fly in the wind. That is why using fans is one of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Any type of fan that you use will work. It does not matter whether it is an event fan, power breeze fan and misting fan. Not only will this get rid of the mosquitoes, but you can also keep your guests cool.

Get Rid of Water

Mosquitoes need water in order to breed. They also do not like to travel far in order to get food. Ponds and bird baths are examples of standing water that can attract mosquitoes. Pockets of standing water can also attract mosquitoes.

If you are in need of outdoor event planning services, then you will need to contact us. We can give you a free estimate on our services before we do any work.