How to Beat the Heat with These Summer Rentals

Let’s face it, though most of us love summertime, we don’t always like the heat. When it’s hot outside and the humidity rises, it can be both uncomfortable and dangerous.

So what are your options during summer event planning when you want to make sure your guests are comfortable? The answer to this question is easy – rent a portable, compact and easy to setup air conditioning unit from an Mooresville party rental company!

Whether your summer event planning involves a small backyard gathering or a well-attended wedding, we’ve got you covered! Let’s explore different ways in which we can help you with your summer event planning needs:

Informal Backyard Events

If you’re organizing an event for friends and family in your backyard, a portable air conditioning unit will help to ensure you and your guests are always comfortable. It’s a practical way of providing relief from heat and humidity.

Weddings and Other Special Events

These days, a wedding can take place in just about any venue – and many of them occur during the summer months when the temperature soars. Some of the most popular weddings have taken place in home gardens, parks and a host of other non-air conditioned locations. A portable air conditioning unit is an efficient way to maintain the desired temperature during wedding festivities in non-traditional locations.

Attending a Sporting Event

Nobody can control the weather and you certainly don’t want to cancel a sporting event because it’s too hot outside. Perhaps you’re planning a fundraising golf or softball tournament and you have a VIP tent. Whatever the situation, a portable air conditioning unit can make the environment a lot more comfortable.

Emergency Situations

In the event that your in-home air conditioner malfunctions, you have the option of working with an Mooresville party rental company for an immediate solution. A portable air conditioning unit can serve as a temporary fix until your existing unit is restored.

If you need an event rental company in Mooresville, we’re here to help. Contact us today for expert guidance on beating the summer heat.