How to Get the Most out of Your Gastonia Rental Equipment

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed ways to plan your construction project ahead of time to ensure your rental experience is as inexpensive and successful as possible. Today, our Gastonia rental experts share some more tips on how to take care of your rental equipment.  

Determine Whether You’ll Need Transportation

Depending on what equipment you’ll be using, you may need additional transportation to get it to and from the work site. Ask your rental company up-front whether it can bring heavy equipment to you; in many cases, the answer will be no. In that case, you will need to coordinate renting a truck and drivers. Working out these details ahead of time, again, will save you money and time once the work begins!

Set a Realistic Schedule

One of the best steps you can take toward maximizing your rental equipment experience is setting a realistic work schedule. This means that before you even have the rental equipment, you have carefully blocked out a rough estimate of how long the project will take. Make sure that your schedule accounts for unforeseen accidents, bad weather, and other unexpected roadblocks. It’s always better to have extra time, and not need it, than the inverse situation.

Opt for Rental Insurance

When you rent out construction equipment, the rental company will usually ask you if you would also like to add insurance for a small fee. It might be tempting to save a few dollars by saying no, but we strongly advise against doing this. Even though we all hope we will never need to use our insurance, accidents do happen even on the tightest-run ships, and if so, it could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

Treat Your Rental Equipment with Care

It should go without saying that you should treat your rental equipment as if it were your own. By this, we mean you should be extremely careful with it, and do everything in your power to prevent it from breaking, malfunctioning, or otherwise becoming inoperable. We, and many other rental companies, will ask you to sign documents stating you are responsible for any breakages that occur while the equipment is in your care. That means that the more careful you are, the less expensive your rental experience will be!

Return Your Equipment as Soon as You’re Finished

Every rental company operates a little differently. With some services and companies, you might rent the equipment for a predetermined number of days. With others, you might pay for your rental on a day-by-day basis. If you’re renting on a daily basis, then one easy way to reduce the costs of rental equipment is to simply return the equipment as soon as you’re finished with it. If you finish on Thursday and have the time to return it in the afternoon or evening, do so. This will save you from paying any rental fees for Friday.

Get the Equipment You Need from Gaston Rentals

Are you getting ready to tackle a massive, complicated project that will require heavy-duty equipment that you don’t have on hand? If so, renting is often your best option. If you’re looking to rent construction or contractor equipment in Gastonia, we’d like to invite you to browse our offerings here at Gaston Rentals. We’re excited to provide you with high-quality equipment from some of the best brand names in the industry. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, click here.