How to Maximize Your Rental Time When Using Our Hickory Power Equipment

Most power equipment can be rented for two hour periods, four hour periods, or by the day. As soon as the ink dries on the rental form, the clock starts ticking—and to maximize your profits, you need to make the most of every second. Below are some ways to ensure that you use your rental time as efficiently as possible.

Ask for Delivery Services

Firstly, remember that the rental period includes the time it takes to load and tow the machine to and from your project. Loading the machine, transporting it to the job site, reloading it, and transporting back to the rental company can easily eat up a few hours of your rental time. One way to bypass this drawback is by asking the rental company to deliver—in some cases. Since most power tool rental companies will usually charge a delivery fee, you’ll have to crunch some numbers to see whether delivery service will save you any money.

Test Drive the Equipment at the Rental Center

This may seem self-evident, but the last thing you want to do is turn the key on the first day of the job to find that the machine won’t start, or has some other issue. Additionally, if you need to stop and look up how to start and operate the machine, that will take time from your rental hours, too. It’s much more cost-efficient to learn how to start and use the equipment while you’re still at the rental company. That way, all your learning and mistake-making doesn’t have to occur during the rental period.

Be Ready to Roll ASAP

You can waste a lot of money by letting rental equipment sit idle while you mark posthole locations or clear rocks away from tree stumps. If you’re renting construction equipment, make sure to have all the preliminary work done before the rental starts, so you are ready to use the machine the minute you get home. If you’re not quite sure what you will need the machine for, you may be able to help yourself plan and prepare by doing some online research. Reading the stories of others who have tackled the same project may give you some idea of preliminary work you can do.

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