Spring Cleaning Tips From Our Hickory Power Tool Rental Company

After a long, cold winter spent inside, it’s time to get outside and clean up the damage from fall winds and winter storms. Here are some outdoor maintenance projects that will get your property spic-and-span for the new season.

Pressure Washing

A pressure washer can make a world of difference to a dirty driveway, front porch, or siding. The extremely high pressure can damage wood and other soft materials, however, so keep that in mind while starting your project, and be sure to use a cleaner that is made for pressure washers and intended for the type of surface you’re cleaning. It’s a good idea to test out a small, inconspicuous area before moving on to the rest. If you don’t already own a pressure washer, you can rent one here.  

Driveway Repair

Driveways need periodic maintenance, too, as winter rain will freeze and expand existing cracks. Start by removing any grass or weeds that are encroaching on the space, then clean the driveway thoroughly with a pressure washer. Next, patch any cracks or holes in the concrete with a concrete resurfacer. Finally, worn-out asphalt driveways can be restored by applying a coat of latex asphalt sealer.

Screen Cleaning

Window screens can become quite filthy as bugs and pests hang around them all season. You can easily clean screens by soaking them in a child’s wading pool fill of soapy water, followed by a gentle scrubbing with a soft scrub brush on a flat surface. Once the screens have been adequately scrubbed, rinse them off with a garden hose, using a fine spray setting to keep from damaging the screen. To repair small holes in the screen, flatten the fibers out and brush on several coats of clear fingernail polish for a seamless repair.

Gutter Cleaning

If you don’t have anything to use to scoop out the gunk that’s accumulated in your gutters, you can make one by cutting down a narrow plastic container, like a jug of antifreeze. Once you’ve removed the bulk of the debris, check that the downspouts aren’t clogged by running water through them. If you see that the gutter joints are leaking, you can repair them with gutter sealant. If the gutters are clogged, you can use a plumber’s snake to unclog them. You can rent many types of drain cleaners and plumbing equipment here.  

Get Everything You Need from our Hickory Tool Rental Company

If you’re going to be tackling some DIY cleanup projects this spring, there’s no need to go out and waste money on a machine you’ll only use once or twice a year, only to have it take up space in the garage. Simply rent plumbing, construction, and landscaping equipment from our Hickory tool rental company. With over $6 million worth of inventory, there is almost nothing we can’t rent out to assist your DIY project. To learn more, contact us here.