How to Throw an Awesome Office Christmas Party, With Our Mooresville Party Rentals 

The office Christmas party. For some, it’s the most dreaded event of the year: a potential place to end up inebriated and embarrass oneself in front of one’s supervisors and coworkers. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. An office Christmas party is also a chance to boost morale, strengthen relationships between colleagues, and give back to the people who make it all happen. Below are some tips from Gaston Rentals on how to throw a great office Christmas party that’s remembered for all the right reasons.   

It’s all about timing 

First things first: Don’t throw your party after work hours. As much as your employees enjoy your company, almost everyone would rather be relaxing at home with family, or rushing to finish important projects by Christmas. For many people, the week before Christmas is an incredibly busy and stressful time of year—so hold the party during the working day, and consider the “free” non-working hours a gift from you to your employees.  

Think outside the box 

Bingo, ping pong, and raffles are the old office party standbys—but that’s thinking small. There are tons of things you can rent from a local rental company that can brighten up the occasion, like a chocolate fountain, cotton candy machine, Slurpee machine, or popcorn machine. If the party is kid-friendly, and you have the space, you could rent an indoor bounce house. Food trucks and “puppy therapy” are two other trends that are very popular right now. 

Give people a task 

You can generate conversation by giving people something easy and fun to work on, like building your own mini cake station or a waffle fry bar. These are some easy things to get people up and mingling, and give them something in common to talk about. Set workplace-safe board games like Apples to Apples, Uno, or Sorry to bring people together. You could even set up a large screen and project 1980s video games on it for guests to play, like Pacman and Super Mario Bros. 

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