Improving Your Home? Review Gaston Rentals’ Guide to Equipment Rental

Many people aren’t fully aware of the fact that you can rent equipment instead of buying it. While there is definitely an appeal to owning a shiny new tool, equipment rental can help to reduce costs significantly while completing a home project that would otherwise be extremely costly. Here is a quick guide to equipment rental that will start you down the right path to making beautiful home improvements!

1)   Choices, Choices, and More Choices!
Renting equipment opens up a whole world of tools that you may have never known were at your disposal. At equipment rental companies, everything from simple tools like hammer drills to more complex equipment such as scissor lifts can be rented. Equipment rental companies usually carry a wide catalogue, so you won’t have to call in a special company or contractor for the job.

2)   The Price Is Right!
Buying a garage full of tools can be very expensive, especially if you are looking for quality tools that will not only get the job done but last through the next few jobs. Equipment rental is the best option when you need specialized equipment for a limited amount of time. Certain tools such as tile saws and cement mixers can be extremely costly to buy, and not worth it when you’re only using them for a day or two. Renting equipment can cut costs by 50-90% and save you major cash!

3)   Benefit from a Knowledge Base!
One of the major advantages of renting tools from a rental company is that they have a wealth of knowledge that can help you in any project you are trying to complete. Moreover, if you have any special concerns about a tool’s use or safety features, the staff at a rental equipment company can help you understand its proper use to avoid serious personal injury.