Keep Warm This Winter While Saving Money with These Tips

Winter is the time of the year to stay warm indoors and reconnect with family and friends before Spring sets in. Far too often, however, the bill comes due in the form of higher heating costs. Fortunately, there are ways to lower heating bills and avoid unnecessary expenses over the course of the Winter months. Here are a few home heating tips to help save money winterizing your home.

Covering Drafts

One problem many homeowners have is cold air coming in from underneath doors and warm air rushing out. This kind of heat loss can add up over time. Taking advantage of space heater rentals is one solution. An additional way is to use what is called a “draft snake” — a concept popularized during the Great Depression.

These can be made by rolling up a towel and sticking it under the door. Or they can sometimes be bought pre-made. A more fancy version adheres to the bottom of the door, moving with the door. They can be used alone or in conjunction with space heater rentals.

Leaky Windows

Another common cause of heat loss during winter is leaky windows. Many older homes have cracks, which leads to warm air leaving the home and being replaced by colder, outside air. Most home supply stores sell clear adhesive wraps for windows. These wraps strengthen the window and act like an additional barrier to heat loss.

Homeowners who find cold spots near windows should also check for cracks and gaps around windows and door frames. These little energy-wasters seem minuscule individually, but when added together could equal a basketball-sized hole in the wall or larger.

The cracks can be easily filled in with caulk. First, determine where the air leak is by lighting an incense stick, candle, or extinguishing a match near the suspected hole. If air is coming in or out, the normally vertical-oriented smoke column will shift, exposing where the leak is.

Reversing Ceiling Fans

Another way to save money winterizing your home is to change the direction of the home’s ceiling fans. This is most effective in rooms with cathedral ceiling where warm air is near the ceiling. By reversing the fan direction you are moving the warm air from the ceiling to the living space while minimizing a drafty feeling.

Thermostat Adjustments

When it comes to home heating tips, many people first think of their thermostat. But they fail to set it correctly to maximize their savings. One way to save money here is by lowering the thermostat to around 55 degrees overnight.

No one will be awake to notice the cooler temperature and bundling up in bed means the lower temperature will not be noticed anyway. Upon waking, set the thermostat to a higher setting.

We hope you can use tips this Winter to help save you money and make your home more efficient.