Key Home Maintenance Guide for the Fall & Winter

Fall is in full effect and Winter is fast approaching. The time grows short for your home to be prepared for the upcoming season. Not only should the inside of your house be prepared, but also the outdoors and the lawn should be taken care of before the freezing cold comes upon North Carolina. These tips to taking care of your home and having it ready for the rougher weather will save a lot of headache for the coming months.

Protect Your Lawn & Garden Equipment 
First you will want to make sure that your lawn and garden equipment is taken care of and kept in a safe location where snow or freezing rain will not ruin it. Good locations to keep the equipment are in a shed or in the garage. It is also a good idea to empty the fuel out of your lawn and garden equipment before storing it away so that it is left in good condition for next spring.

Debris Cleanup, Painting and Other Exterior Home Repairs
Also, you may want to do some repair or repainting on your home before winter comes or debris cleanup in the surrounding areas. If there are tall trees nearby, you should check for dead branches and have them trimmed off of the trees to prevent excess debris from damaging your roof, windows, or the side of your house in the event of a winter storm. You may also want to check the gutter and windows to see if they need repairs or cleaning out.

Rent a Cherry Picker
When you perform these tasks, using a ladder may be a little treacherous, and perhaps you aren’t comfortable or don’t have the time to construct a scaffolding tower. In those cases you may want to rent a cherry picker to get the job done. Cherry pickers, or man-lifts as they are also called, have enclosed platforms that can be raised using a control switch inside the platform and can be raised up to the desired height for you to work at. There are different kinds of cherry pickers to choose from, but typically push around lifts or scissor lifts can get the job done.

Each of Gaston Rentals’ 4 locations in Mooresville, Gastonia, Shelby and Hickory all rent cherry pickers, ladders, and lawn and garden equipment to help you prepare your home and property from the Winter weather. Give us a call today!