Let’s Go Al Fresco: Outdoor Dining Tips From Our Gastonia Event Rental Company

Few things are more refreshing than enjoying good food and good company under a light spring breeze. It’s getting there that’s the tough part. An indoor venue comes equipped with tables, chairs, linens, and everything else you need to entertain; a park needs to be set up that way. Here are some things to keep in mind while planning your outdoor event this spring.

Have a Backup Plan

Of course, the biggest threat to an outdoor event is the weather turning sour. There are two solutions to this problem: one, pick a venue that has an indoor option close by; and two, rent a weatherproof outdoor tent or canopy. Make sure to ask your rental company if the tent can hold up against rain, and whether it will be big enough to accommodate everything you’d like to have (bar, food stations, band/stage, tables, and chairs.)

Decide on Lighting

Lighting for an outdoor event can include lanterns, LED lights draped from poles or trees; perimeter lighting beneath the tents; and up-lighting (placing lights on the floor and pointing them upwards) in an array of colors. You can hunt around online for some outdoor lighting options you love, and your rental or event set-up company can help you make it happen.  

Food and Beverages

Be sure that the food can stay as hot, or cool, as it needs to be. A hot day can melt the frosting right off a cake; the same goes for cheesecakes and chocolate. If you don’t have access to kitchen appliances, you can rent them for the day along with your tent and lighting. If you don’t have access to power, you can also usually rent a generator from the same rental company.

Get Everything You Need for an Outdoor Event From Gastonia Party Tents

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