Little Wedding Details That Make a Big Difference, According to Our Shelby Wedding Rental Specialist

As the saying goes, the devil is in the little wedding details. (Okay, maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that.) Still, the meaning is the same: the smallest of details can help take your wedding from a standard event to an unforgettable experience. When you’re planning your North Carolina wedding, dazzle your guests by stocking up on the following.


Of course, you’re probably going to spend some time thinking about the bouquet that you, or the bride, will be carrying down the aisle. However, don’t forget about all the other flowers that will be used to decorate your venue. Flowers on the edges of the aisles, on the tables, in the bride’s hair, and elsewhere can tie the whole event together and make the fantasy come alive. If you rush the decision until the last minute, your final choice of flowers could be wilted or out-of-place compared with the rest of your wedding theme.

Wedding Favors

One of the traditions that all the guests will be excited about are the wedding favors! These little treats for guests can range from the expensive and impressive, to the sweet and creative. Popular items include sugared almonds or other sweet treats; mini-soaps; and lip balms. Place them on the tables so your guests will find them when they sit down for the reception.

Flower Girl and Page Boy Outfits

If you want to include some young relatives into your ceremony, appoint them the very important titles of flower girl and pageboy! Not only will they feel like they are playing a key role in your big day, but they’ll add a dose of adorableness to all your wedding photos. If possible, try and dress your flower girls in dresses that match those of your bridesmaids.

Thank You Notes

The big day doesn’t stop at your wedding night. Remember to send out thank you notes to all your guests for their gifts and attendance. Writing notes by hand are much more personal and intimate than typing them out on a computer. Remember to make each thank you note unique, mentioning the specific person, their gift, and how the gift will be used. No one likes to feel like a number, and a thank you note that has clearly been written a hundred times can be insulting.

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