Our Checklist Will Transform Your Party Planning Process Shelby

Kings Mountain Party Planning Made Easy

Are you planning an event, or looking for event planners in Kings Mountain?

Putting together your perfect party doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. I’ve put together this quick Kings Mountain party planning checklist for all your party planning needs.

1.  Choose your theme. Decide what overall theme or idea you will use for your party. Whether it is a fancy, formal affair, or a barbecue backyard birthday bash – once you choose your theme, the rest of the planning is easier.

2.  Pick your venue. Choose the location of your event as soon before the party as possible. This eliminates any stress about a location and helps you with other party choices.

3.  Buy and send your invitations. At least a month ahead, send the invitations to all your guests, asking for an RSVP to get a headcount.

4.  Choose your menu. If you are preparing the food yourself, create your grocery list, gather recipes, and determine the time it takes to make the food – and which items to make ahead of time. If your event is catered, secure your caterer now. Event planners in Kings Mountain have great catering options.

5.  Choose your decorations. Purchase your decorations and store them safely for your party.

6.  At least 1-2 weeks before your event, confirm the venue, caterer, and any other vendors you have reserved for the party.

7.  In the days leading up to the party, prepare the foods if you are doing any of the foods and beverages yourself.

8.  The night before the party, make sure all your decorations are ready for the next day – including essentials like tape, thumbtacks, scissors and whatever items you may need. Don’t forget things like a lighter or matches if there will be candles, and knives and cake spatulas!

9.  Day of your event.  Have fun! This is the most important step in my planning checklist!

And there you have it. Customize my Kings Mountain party planning checklist for your party planning needs and never worry about stressing over your next event.  You can even make your next bash easier by calling in the professionals… event planners in Kings Mountain are ready to help you.

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