Interior DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Winter provides an excellent opportunity for DIY home projects that may have been on the back burner during warmer months. It can be easy to cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate and push the lazy button, but hopefully these tips and tricks will motivate you to improve your home with some creative ideas.

Most of these ideas involve items you should have readily available around the house, but if not there are always options available at Gaston Rentals.

Often when you hire a cleaning company to clean your carpets there is a lot of pressure from the crew to expand the job and cost significantly.

Carpet cleaning is an easy job to tackle.  We stock quality Carpet extractors with high pressure pumps to penetrate deep into the carpet and the vacuum motors have some of the highest vacuum lifts of portable machines.

We stock all the cleaning supplies for our machines.  The shampoo is a synthetic that doesn’t leave a residue.  (Many carpet shampoo chemicals leave a residue which attracts dirt).

We recommend taking spot remover and deodorizer if you have specific stains.  You can always return unopened materials.

Some of our cleaners have upholstery tools as well.

Before you leave we will guide you through the operation of our machines.