Part 2: Interior DIY Projects Anyone Can Do During the Cold Winter Months

It may be winter outside, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners need to take a break from do it yourself projects; there are still plenty of tasks that can be accomplished no matter what the mercury reads. Use the list below to get you started!

Floor Sanding is not complicated and with care you can complete a professional look to your floor in a short period of time at a reasonable cost.  When you refinish a floor, there is a high level of satisfaction and pride in a job well down.

Most floors of average size can be sanded within half a day.

You will want to seal off the room from the rest of the house.  If you can open a window and direct a fan outside, you will keep the sawdust from the other rooms in the house. (Our sanders are very good a picking up the sawdust as you sand)

Most rooms will be sanded three times using course, medium and fine sandpapers.  You will probably use one sheet of each grade of paper per room (pine floors will require more paper). To do a thorough job you will be using a sander and edger.  We have machines that do not require an edger, but they work slower and are not as effective at removing deep scratches and imperfections.

Once you are done you will want to apply a quality floor finish (a discount finish will not hold up over time).  We have the urethanes and applicators to complete your project.

Before you leave with the machines, spend a few minutes with our professionals to guide you through the process.
Paint. Paint. Paint.
Nothing lifts up winter blues quite like a fresh coat of paint. A tip from the wise: flat finishes are very popular right now. Additionally, a light gray with warm undertones matches everything without looking too industrial. For a faster project, check out a local tool rental company for a paint sprayer; nothing gives quite as great of a finish.

Redo Caulk Lines
The caulk lines in a home need to be replaced as they start to wear out or grow mold. However, before new caulk in put in place, it’s vital to remove all the old caulk. In fact, most people consider this the most difficult part. With the right tools, however, this step can be made into a breeze.

Clean Out Closets
Soon, holiday gifts will overwhelm homeowners, leaving them wondering where they are going to put everything. Getting a head start on creating some space can really downplay the stress that is eventually going to come. Experts suggest that as homeowners go through closets, that they toss or donate anything they haven’t used in a year or that they forgot they owned in the first place.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures
Most houses have at least one lighting fixture that the homeowner is ashamed of. It may be poorly placed, scream of decades past, or just not produce enough light. Despite common perception, upgrading a light fixture is a something that belongs on the list of do it yourself projects; just a few simple tools and an afternoon gets the job done.

Deep Clean Flooring
All summer long, life leaves its mess on a home’s floor. That extra dirt makes a home seem more drab than normal during the long winter months. A quick trip to a tool rental company can produce the necessary professional level equipment to see maximum results. Afterwards, even the most picky holiday guests won’t have cause for complaint.